About me

Functional Ecology Laboratory

University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Faculty of Science

Institute of Biology




Doing a PhD in the Laboratory of Functional Ecology at the University of Neuchâtel, I’m currently working on soil-vegetation interactions. Thesis supervisors: Prof. Sergio Rasmann and Adjunct Professor C. Le Bayon.

I was born and raised in Neuchâtel (CH), located on the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The landscapes are very diverse there. In autumn, you can find snow and sun at an altitude of 1170m and observe the sea of ​​fog which covers the lake below. If you descend a little, towards a height of 600m, you can enjoy endless walks in the forest until you come back down to the shores of the lake and enjoy a picnic in the sun, with your feet in the water. During my childhood I attended various schools spread along the shoreline. Having always been very curious and creative, I chose the visual arts and philosophy options at college. During a Biology class where we worked on a joint project with the visual arts, my enthusiasm for life sciences and coffee began.

Photo by Roxane Tuchschmid 2020

But curious and creative are not enough to describe myself; in fact, I have always been a very active and sporty person. This is why I chose Biology & Sports when I went to university. I like to think, analyze, and question pre-established concepts/ideas and pass on what I have acquired through my experiences. This is why, after obtaining my Bachelor’s, I decided to continue my academic studies at the and do a Master’s in Biology & Sports with an ecology and environment orientation. Currently, I continue on this same way. I am doing a PhD on soil and vegetation interactions in the Laboratory of Functional Ecology at the University of Neuchâtel.

This blog aims to describe my daily life as an emerging scientist!