Passeport-Vacances pour les Jeunes – Neuchâtel (CH)

“The Vacation Passport for Young People from Neuchâtel and surroundings (PVJ), is a non-profit association that has been organizing activities during the summer school vacations for children aged 8 to 15 years in the districts of Neuchâtel, Boudry, Val-de-Ruz and Val-de-Travers for more than 40 years.”

From Passeport-Vacances pour les Jeunes de Neuchâtel et environs

The Laboratory of Functional Ecology of the University of Neuchâtel has been running the educational workshop The mysteries of the soil since 2019.

Workshop description “After collecting soil in the forest, analyze it in a laboratory! You will discover what it is made of and the little animals that live in it!”

Official website Vacation Passport for Young People

Photo by Sarah Semeraro