Swiss Mountain Soil Ecology Project

My PhD thesis & research projects focus on soil-vegetation interactions and the ecological relations occurring within the above and belowground compartments of terrestrial ecosystems.

When I started my thesis I knew that I was about to dedicate about 4 years to research. That is why I create an identity around my thesis project, entitled The Swiss Mountain Soil Ecology project. It is therefore with enthusiasm that I present here, the different facets of the Swiss Mountain Soil Ecology Project.

The project aims to study and implement a Swiss pre-existing soil database started in 1982 and put it in light of current climatic and land-use changes and raise public awareness of soil conservation in various environments guaranteeing future soil ecosystem services. Through a multiscalar approach, this project considers all the critical elements of soil ecology, namely:

  • Soils, geological diversity & superficial formations
  • Plant diversity & chemistry
  • Soil communities
  • Ecosystem functions