Challenge Bike To Work 2021

Bike To Work Challenge

Team Velociraptors UniNe

The sun is back, and so is the Bike To Work challenge! The first time I’m participating in the event as part of the UniNe Velociraptors team! Yeah!

I wonder why I didn’t do it before; I ride my bike almost all year long!

I’m looking forward to seeing how many kilometers our team will have done during May and June 2021 by foot or by bike.

Official website homepage screenshot made on on May 4, 2021

“Bike to work is a project of Pro Velo Switzerland. bike to work has established itself as a simple and effective health promotion campaign for small and large companies alike. Pro Velo Switzerland represents the interests of cyclists. Its goal is to promote the bike as an ecological, energy-saving and healthy means of travel.”

from Bike To Work official webpage