SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2020

“Get your cameras! Giving Swiss research a face

​​​The SNSF Scientific Image Competition encourages researchers working in Switzerland to present their works to the public and the media. Photographs, images and videos will be rated in terms of their aesthetic quality and their ability to inspire and amaze, to convey or illustrate knowledge, to tell a human story or to let us discover a new universe.

All the entries to the competition (more than 20​00 to date) are available in an online gallery on Flickr.”

Jury’s distinciton for “Six feet under: the hidden treasure”


Copyright CC-BY-NC-ND: Sarah Semeraro 


Let’s not forget that the ground hides magnificent hidden treasures. In the mountains, we are captivated by the grandeur of the fauna’s surrounding peaks and the flora inhabiting these hostile places. But we often forget what we are walking on. This soil profile has been dug in the Binntal (VS) region and can remind of a cake sitting in the window of our favourite pastry shop. It is made up of several layers and fillings which are differentiated by their structure, texture, and colours, similar to a Black Forest cake.

Comment of the jury:

This nicely composed image shows an outside laboratory as well as the instruments used for the research. The jury appreciated the tension between the macroscopic and microscopic worlds: by its composition, the image seems to suggest that soil-related phenomena have an impact on the climate via the release of carbon, while unveiling the unseen complexity of microorganisms and roots. It’s a snapshot of scientific inquiry.

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